Differences between galvanic chrome plating and PVD coatings

Differences between galvanic chrome plating and PVD coatings

Chrome plating and, more generally, galvanic coatings, have always been a valid method used among the common surface colours methods, together with painting (liquid, powder), anodizing and other solutions, to offer a pleasant appearance and at the same time confer a certain duration in time to the object in question.

Decorative PVD coatings have been and are used as a quality alternative to the traditional and best known surface colours methods. Taking the cue from the functional (or technical) PVD treatments, the aesthetic characteristics of the coatings have been improved and applied to products in the most varied sectors, such as taps,jewelry,handles,boating,eyewear,cutlery and watchmaking.

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PVD Characteristics:

  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic, no transfer of contaminants;
  • Authorized for use in the food and medical sector by the American FDA;
  • No atmospheric release during processing;
  • Total absence of cyanides, nickel or other toxic substances;
  • they perfectly comply with the initial conditions of the surface to be coated (glossy, satin-colours, opaque, etc.);
  • High physical and mechanical resistance, including to atmospheric agents;
  • High surface hardness;
  • Limited coating thickness: does not interfere with mounting with holes and threads.

Galvanic plating Characteristics:

  • High productivity;
  • Low process costs;
  • Well-known and well-established technology;
  • Possibility of coating various metals, up to ABS plastic.
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