Gold PVD, a color that gives emotions, in the most varied sectors.

Gold coatings have always brought with them an image of elegance, wealth and prestige, nowadays they are not only a status symbol or synonymous with luxury, but also represent refinement and style.

High quality cutlery with gold color PVD finish

Gold PVD is not just a coating for jewelry, watches and fashion accessories.

PVD Gold is not only a coating for jewelry, watches and fashion accessories, today it is widely used in the field of taps,  handles, furniture and other sectors thanks to its qualities not only decorative, but also to its ability to preserve from the passage of time, from atmospheric agents and from the stresses of the surrounding environment the functional and essential elements that lend themselves to this finish.

Other points in favor of Gold PVD coating that attest to it as a valid alternative to traditional galvanic coatings, are the being hypoallergenic and non-toxic, eco-friendly because it doesn’t release residues in the atmosphere and the environment during its production process, respects the initial conditions of the surfaces to which it is applied (glossy, satin, opaque).

The Gold PVD coating can be reproduced in different shades, from lighter shades such as champagne PVD that reproduce the classic color of brass or antique gold, to more modern and intense shades such as Gold or Copper (also called Rose Gold).

Functional "gold-color" PVD coatings

The use of titanium and zirconium nitrides and carbon nitrides, in addition to the aesthetic characteristics, allow to reach high quality standards and remarkable surface hardness. With the functional PVD coatings that have the characteristic "gold" color, tools, bits, cutters and taps are covered in order to extend the life of the tool itself and reduce maintenance downtime that leads to a significant cost increase.

A winning coating, to be applied to objects that want to be such!

Can Gold PVD coatings reproduce a glossy effect?
The gold PVD coatings, like all other PVD treatments, perfectly reproduce the starting surface. Therefore, if the initial surface is shiny it will remain so even after coating.
Is Gold PVD more delicate than other colors?
The color of the PVD gold coating is not more delicate than the other colors obtained with the same treatment and maintains characteristics of durability and resistance greater than the common surface finishing methods used traditionally.
Does Gold PVD apply to all materials?
It is possible to apply the PVD gold coating to all metals and many other materials, in some cases a specific pre-coating preparation is required for the sub-layer preparation.

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