PVD treatments for cutlery

The stainless steel cutlery coated with PVD enanche the table making it from a simple instrument to a design object of the highest quality.

Posate di alta qualità con trattamento PVD lucido
Luxury cutlery with polished PVD colours

Management of even small quantities

The extreme hardness surface allows a high resistance to scratches and the PVD coatings characteristics give the cutlery the complete non-toxicity and non-allergic, so much so that for years now the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has classified the coatings in PVD as suitable for use in the food sector.

Thanks to a careful study, we have developed an anchoring system on our equipment that allows to minimise the sign of frame on the item.
Knives, spoons and table forks that, due to their shape, don’t allow traditional anchoring, in this way they no longer present that unpleasant witness to see.

  • We can manage even small quantities, small batches of cutlery, following the processing phases with meticulous care and without omitting the slightest aspect;
  • Ad Hoc Customisations made according to your needs;
  • Durable PVD colours with long lasting scratch resistance;

Furnishing accessories with luxurious and high quality colours

Contemporary and valuable aesthetics
In addition to the cutlery we cover any other piece of furniture for the table and the house, from fruit baskets to a simple corkscrew. From a candelabrum to the profiles for furniture giving a contemporary aesthetic of great value, enriching functional, essential or minimal chic environments, mixing tradition and modernity.

Can PVD coated cutlery be washed in the dishwasher?
Yes, they can be washed in the dishwasher having some precautions, such as not leaving food residues on cutlery for too long. If there is the possibility it is suggested to prefer hand washing.
Can cutlery with coloured handles be coated?
Yes, it is possible to coat PVD cutlery of this kind, by proceeding with the assembly of the handle only after having coated the metal part.

Eco-Friendly and hypoallergenic

The PVD technology has absolutely no environmental impact: during the processing phases there are no releases of any kind in the atmosphere.
PVD coatings are non-toxic and hypoallergenic and have no migration of irritating substances to human health.

Small batches

Our artisanal management allows us to also work on small quantity orders, limiting the cost gap compared to an industrial type of processing.


- High surface hardness > 1.800 HV (traditional chrome plating 800HV).
- High resistance to scratches and corrosion.
- Resistance against acid products for domestic and industrial use.

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