PVD treatments for handles and door accessories

We coat with PVD handles and accessories for doors, windows and any other type of opening systems for indoor and outdoor.

Maniglie di design rifinite con lavorazione in PVD
Design handles with PVD coating and colours

Management of even small quantities

The stability of the colour and the resistance to corrosion and oxidation of our PVD coatings give an unmistakable style to furnishings and accessories for a very long time. These layers also allow to increase the scratch resistance and provide an additional barrier against atmospheric agents.

They are also particularly suitable for public buildings and places with high attendance where the continuous passage of people can allow the slight residue of acid sweat released by our skin to trigger alteration processes of the surfaces, which traditional chromed and painted products would not be able to contrast.

  • We can manage even small quantities, small batches of luxury handles, following the processing phases with meticulous care and without omitting the slightest aspect;
  • Ad Hoc Customisations made according to your needs;
  • Durable PVD colours with long lasting scratch resistance.

PVD treatment available for a wide range of handles

We are able to guarantee the same colours also for locks, door and windows components , handles, shutters and hardware items in general so as to allow their correct assembly without shade variations.
Periodic cleaning of a handle with a PVD colours can be performed simply with a soft rag dampened with water, without using particularly aggressive detergents.

How should iron objects be prepared?
Iron, like brass, must be treated prior to PVD colours with a quality galvanic preparation.
Can zamak items be coated?
In theory, yes, but zamak has some critical issues that need to be evaluated from time to time.
Mounted details can be coated with PVD?
The parts assembled before the PVD coating cannot be processed with our technology. For a successful treatment, the items must be single and assembled only after our processing.

Eco-Friendly and hypoallergenic

The PVD technology has absolutely no environmental impact: during the processing phases there are no releases of any kind in the atmosphere.
PVD coatings are non-toxic and hypoallergenic and have no migration of irritating substances to human health.

Small batches

Our artisanal management allows us to also work on small quantity orders, limiting the cost gap compared to an industrial type of processing.


- High surface hardness > 1.800 HV (traditional chrome plating 800HV).
- High resistance to scratches and corrosion.
- Resistance against acid products for domestic and industrial use.

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