Fashion and Jewellery

PVD treatments for fashion accessories and jewellery

We work on objects made of precious metal and stainless steel elements, titanium and its alloys, respecting the absence of contaminants.

braccialetti e gioielli con finitura in PVD
Components for jewellery with PVD colours resistant and hypoallergenic

Management of even small quantities

The attention to details, the exclusivity of the result and the total absence of contaminants that can cause irritation or allergies when in contact with our skin, are fundamental prerogatives that have convinced the fashion houses and their designers to choose our PVD coatings in alternative to common surface colours methods (such as chrome, nickel, paint and anything else traditionally known).

We carry out our craft activities and pay meticulous attention to the details of the products entrusted to us starting from the receiving of the incoming material to the final inspection and packaging for subsequent delivery to the clients.

  • We can manage even small quantities, small batches of jewellery components, following the processing phases with meticulous care and without omitting the slightest aspect;
  • Ad Hoc Customisations made according to your needs;
  • Durable PVD colours with long lasting scratch resistance.

Wide range of colours available for PVD coating

We offer a wide range of colours whose aesthetic result on the object can be elegant, captivating or sporty also based on the use of shiny or opaque surfaces.
Jewellery, costume jewellery, piercing items, leather goods, writing instruments are just some of the sectors we have served for more than 13 years, constantly offering new functional and fashionable solutions of great charm and extreme versatility.

Is it necessary to apply a transparent post-coating paint?
It is not necessary to apply any paint after the coating. Our metal coatings do not undergo oxidation and have no releases such as to have to be protected with an additional layer.
How is the packaging of the material managed?
We use the same identical packaging received from the client in order to respect the procedures that it has considered suitable for handling its articles.
Do the black and blue colours always have the same colour?
The finishes that we propose in our catalog are stable and repeatable over time, although in some cases slight differences in tone may occur for particular products, which must be evaluated according to the type of project.

Eco-Friendly and hypoallergenic

The PVD technology has absolutely no environmental impact: during the processing phases there are no releases of any kind in the atmosphere.
PVD coatings are non-toxic and hypoallergenic and have no migration of irritating substances to human health.

Small batches

Our artisanal management allows us to also work on small quantity orders, limiting the cost gap compared to an industrial type of processing.


- High surface hardness > 1.800 HV (traditional chrome plating 800HV).
- High resistance to scratches and corrosion.
- Resistance against acid products for domestic and industrial use.

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