PVD Treatments for screws

We cover all kinds of screws in stainless steel, titanium, brass and iron for various sectors and applications.

PVD coated screws from pvdtechnologies

Specialized for PVD coating of screws of any sector

From the need to couple and fix the components of any product, we have also specialized in coating the screws that allow this matching. We can achieve the uniformity of the color shade obtained both on the screws and on the plates or on the various accessories mounted together.

Screws of any size, from the smallest ones for clocks to those used to fix the panels of the facades of buildings, can be treated with our systems.

  • The high resistance of the PVD coatings allows to keep the color shade unchanged over time, even for outdoor installations.
  • Among the many shades of color that we have available we can meet the needs of various sectors such as furniture, sports (cycling), watchmaking, mechanical.
Can the thickness of the coating on the screw thread create problems during assembly?
No, the thickness of the PVD coatings does not create interferences that could impede the screw insertion. For example, we cover watchmaking components that have very tight tolerances and there are no critical mounting issues.
Can the use of tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches of various kinds affect the coating on the screw?
The resistance of PVD coatings is higher than traditional surface finishing methods and therefore, under the same conditions of use, any tool’s marks will be reduced.
Does the PVD coating for the furniture industry alter the appearance of the starting surface of the screws?
No, the PVD coating maintains the initial appearance of the screw provided by the customer. If the surface is glossy it will remain glossy even after the PVD treatment, while if it is opaque it will remain opaque.

Eco-Friendly and hypoallergenic

The PVD technology has absolutely no environmental impact: during the processing phases there are no releases of any kind in the atmosphere.
PVD coatings are non-toxic and hypoallergenic and have no migration of irritating substances to human health.

Small batches

Our artisanal management allows us to also work on small quantity orders, limiting the cost gap compared to an industrial type of processing.


- High surface hardness > 1.800 HV (traditional chrome plating 800HV).
- High resistance to scratches and corrosion.
- Resistance against acid products for domestic and industrial use.

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