PVD Technologies new brand identity

PVD Technologies new brand identity

Modernity, dynamism and simplicity: this is what characterises the new PVD Technologies identity.

After 13 years of adventures and challenges, it is time to give PVD Technologies a new look: freshdynamic and young. We have decided to face a new chapter by presenting ourselves with a new brand identity that explains the renewed positioning and our constant evolution in PVD treatment.

The shapes, the lines, the spaces and the colours of the new identity want to recall the main values that distinguish us every day in our work: innovation, resistance and high technology.

PVD Business Card
The colours

Since the beginning our identity was portraied by the colours black and orange. Today, slightly revised in their shades, the colours continue to represent our company and our reality.

The colour black, the “non-colour” par excellence, protective and refined but perhaps a little too formal, expresses the end of the vital phase and therefore a denial for the future life. It actually constitutes the opposite of our values.
We believe in the continuity of relationships with our customers and with our partners, from this reason the choice to transform the colour black into a dark gray, which expresses solidity, modernity and professionalism.

The orange colour, expression of harmony, creativity and trust, also represents the importance of the aesthetic properties of all our PVD treatments.


The symbol

With the new identity an iconic sign is born, a stylised symbol distinguished by simplicity, recognizability and immediacy.

One on top of the other, the chemical elements used in the PVD treatments (titanium, zirconium and chromium) are extracted from the periodic table of the elements and deposited one above the other until they compose our new icon, just like in PVD treatments.

Icona Logo PVD Technologies

A new challenge for us at PVD Technologies begins!

Experience and cutting-edge technology for PVD colours on various objects, contact us for more information about our services and our company, we will reply within 24 hours with the solution that suits your needs.