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Company specialised in PVD coating

PVD coating (Physical Vapour Deposition) are surface metal carryover, in form of very thin films (with thicknesses from a few tenths of micron up to most important values depending on requirements), deposited with highly innovative technologies.

We are a small company dedicated to PVD coating, specialised in PVD decorative coatings. We work on objects of different shapes, sizes and materials for any sector where a quality surface treatment is necessary, as an alternative to common colours traditionally in use (galvanics, varnishes, metallizations, etc.).

Quality, flexibility, service and above all availability towards customers are our strengths together with the possibility to manage small batches, even for a single piece.

We work different types of items ranging from sectors such as handles, taps, watchmaking and jewelry, eyewear, fashion, interior and exterior furniture, intercoms and plates, household and tableware, nautical, medical, automotive and motorcycle. You can find out more about the products on this page: PVD products.

If we haven’t yet mentioned your product contact us to check if it’s possible to apply a special PVD colours!

Who we are

In 2006 we decided to put us on the line by combining the work experiences undertaken up to that point to make them available to those looking for a more personalised service in the surface colours market that up until then hat up until then had not existed.
Alberto Vidani titolare PVD Technologies a Casto (Brescia)
Alberto Vidani
Customer Service
Alessandro Vidani titolare PVD Technologies a Casto (Brescia)
Alessandro Vidani
Production Service
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The PVD technology has absolutely no impact on the environment: during the working phases there are no kind of releases into atmosphere.

The coating is nontoxic, hypoallergenic and environmental friendly. It is used in the food (cutlery) and medical (dental) fields.

Bambina nel prato per lavorazione PVD a zero impatto ambientale
Attivazioni superfici in vasca ecologica per trattamento PVD

Working with the PVD technology

We are able to coat with PVD colours any type of object of any type of material (titanium, stainless steel, iron, brass, zinc alloy, aluminium), up to some type of glass, ceramic and carbon fiber.

Depending on the colour tone requested by the customer and the physical / mechanical characteristics to which the part must respond, we propose the appropriate type of coating. We deposit titanium, zirconium, chromium, alloys in well-defined percentages of titanium, aluminum, chromium which, wisely mixed with technical gases to obtain oxides, nitrides and carbides, form superficial deposits of ceramic compounds with high standards of resistance. In any case we dedicate resources for the study and implementation of new solutions.

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