PVD treatmets for eyeweare

PVD treatmets for eyeweare

A sector where hypoallergenic surface colours are becoming more and more important.

In the Middle Ages glasses were a very rare accessory, yet reading glasses already existed and were the pride of Italian manufacturing tradition: in Venice between the end of the 1200s and the beginning of the 1300s there was a glass factory that produced “glass lenses for reading ”.

Today, the existence of those objects is part of the everyday life of many of us. And it is still in Italy, in the province of Belluno, which starts production on an industrial scale by giving the glasses the shape that is still familiar to us today, with the frame with stems that will gradually begin to be formed not only in metal, but also plastic.

Serial production will give way to an enormous variety of styles, shapes and designs that today make eyewear a clothing accessory.

Occhiali old style con finitura in PVD

PVD surface treatments: a must for glass frames

The technology, not only referred to the lenses but also to the frames, which gives the eyewear practicality, sturdiness, portability and glamor allows today’s consumers to “demand” a good pair of glasses.
To achieve these results, with high quality standards, surface treatments and colours processes play a fundamental role in the eyewear production process

Resistance to scratches, stress and sweat

So, on the one hand there is the search for materials and surface treatments ca able to increase the resistance to impacts and scratches, to withstand the repeated bending stresses typical of the frames and to increase the resistance to chemical attacks, in particular the resistance to sweat which characterizes the typical use of glasses once worn.

Occhiali in PVD per ciclista

On the other hand, it is precisely the colours treatments that give the eyewear its aesthetics: among the innovations in this sector, PVD coatings, have become increasingly predominant, giving the glasses excellent qualities of coloursand resistance to stress.

Achieving a very high standard of quality, the result of a constant search for solutions capable of combining aesthetics and the needs dictated by fashion with the practicality and durability of frames and eyewear have made it possible to find a valid alternative to galvanic and painting colours.

Ragazza con Occhiali

PVD treatments in eyewear sector must guarantee fine colours with attractive colors, on easily workable and “light” materials, in order to ensure continuity in stylistic innovation and end customer satisfaction.

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