The rainbow/oil slick PVD finish

The rainbow/oil slick PVD finish

Rainbow PVD Finish: one of the best results is achieved with our PVD coatings

Precious object with Rainbow/Oil slick PVD finish

Chromatic innovation: exploring the potentials of rainbow/oil slick PVD finish.

It is with great pleasure that we talk to you about the potentials of using PVD treatments with the innovative rainbow PVD finish (also known as PVD rainbow/oil slick), another excellence in the field of decorative finishes for metal surfaces.
In the various sectors we serve, the increasingly sought-after features to enhance the refinement of objects are creativity and style.

Decorating and customizing metal surfaces with our technology and PVD finishes offer a wide range of solutions; it is possible to obtain thin layers of different materials, creating unique and captivating chromatic effects. The reduced thickness of the PVD coating allows the initial texture of the surface to be enhanced and maintained until the end.

Shifting shades allow to obtain sophisticated and bold metallic tones, satisfying the most particular design needs.

"Tactile luxury": the inimitable charm of rainbow PVD finish.

The accessory coated with this treatment will be “unique”: among thousands of pieces, there will never be one identical to another! Designers in the fashion industry go crazy for its versatility.
Below are some of the main features of our rainbow PVD finish:

  • Wide range of colors and shades that allow designers to express their creativity fully;
  • The tactile luxury sensation of the “alive” metal coated in rainbow PVD finish makes surfaces irresistible to touch, going beyond the attractive appearance;
  • From applications in fashion to industrial, from sports to furniture sectors: the versatility of these applications covers all needs from contemporary to classic styles;
  • In addition to its appealing appearance, it possesses high wear resistance characteristics, ensuring long-lasting, impeccable performance over time;

Art, technology, and modern alchemy: the secret behind rainbow PVD finish

Rainbow PVD finish is achieved through a skillful mix of raw materials that are vaporized and technical gases using arc and/or sputtering technologies. The raw material consists of so-called cathodes (or targets), which can be made of zirconium, titanium, chromium (not hexavalent!), while process gases such as nitrogen, acetylene, oxygen, argon, and others can be used.
The result is a shifting and iridescent shade, where even with mass production, no two pieces will ever be alike.

Some common questions about rainbow/oil slick PVD coating

Which sectors can benefit most from rainbow PVD finishes?
From fashion to industry, passing through sports and furniture, rainbow PVD finishes offer versatile solutions for every style need, combining aesthetics and durability.
How durable is rainbow PVD finish compared to traditional ones?
Thanks to its superior wear resistance properties, under the same usage conditions, rainbow PVD finish ensures long lasting performance while maintaining its beauty, outperforming traditional finishes.
Is rainbow PVD finish eco-friendly?
Yes, the PVD process is considered an ecological solution compared to other finishing methods, as it does not use polluting materials and does not generate waste.

In conclusion, this type of finish is synonymous with refinement and elegance. The appearance of surfaces becomes similar to the play of light caused by the reflection of an oil slick on water; the visual effect is unique and exclusive.

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