Stainless steel with PVD colours

Stainless steel with PVD colours

Stainless steel is already in itself a “noble” metal, it is used in the production of articles in the most varied sectors and thanks to its properties it allows to obtain and maintain pleasant aesthetic characteristics over time.


Stainless steel with new colours

The impossibility of renouncing the aesthetic aspect and the need to remove as much as possible the “industrial” and cold effect usually associated with stainless steel, led the various manufacturers of objects in the various sectors to include in their range colored stainless steel. The coloured are suitable for ever new applications and had the merit of having allowed stainless steel to enter new commercial sectors.

Enhance objects with PVD coatings

With decorative PVD coatings, the appearance of the objects can be further embellished with various shades that allow you to faithfully respect the state of the original surface whether glossy (super mirror), satin or scratched, matt or sandblasted.

Since the structure of the PVD treatment is of a metal type with covering in titanium, zirconium, chrome (not hexavalent) and other materials, to the touch you can still perceive the presence of solid metal and not the “gummy” feeling typical of some of the traditional surface colours techniques that require a transparent covering to protect the coating.

The sectors of furniture, fashion, sports and many others have been able and continue to propose these colours on their components making available to the market continuous novelties and customizations, extending the life of the object also because of the characteristics of strength and durability given by the PVD colours process.

Coat your item with a PVD colours!

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